Siddharth Kapur starting new `live entertainment` genre

New Delhi: Siddharth Roy Kapur, who is introducing the country with stage musical ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ recently claimed that he wishes to introduce a new genre in the industry with live entertainment.

In a recent interview with ANI, the 41-year-old producer said, “With Disney, we have tried to start a new genre in the industry, live entertainment, which in India is something that has been neglected over the years.”

He added that there have been theatres in different languages, but people don’t have anything that can be taken up as a career option or as a sustainable business in long term and by introducing live entertainment, he wishes to bring something similar.

Claiming that he chose ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as the first tale because it is a timeless tale of love and something that would resonate with the Indian audiences, Siddharth further said, “With this musical, I think we have pioneered a new culture, a new genre of live entertainment in the country, which has been very scattered in the past.”

After successful shows in Mumbai, Siddharth is planning to bring this musical to Delhi.