Siddaramaiah misbehaviour shows Congress’ double standard: Mahesh Sharma

New Delhi: Union Minister of State Mahesh Sharma slammed former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for allegedly misbehaving with a woman, and said the behaviour of the Congress leader shows the “double standard” of the party.

“It is one of the double-standards of the party. On one hand they call themselves protectors of women rights and dignity while their leaders misbehave with women. Similarly, the party only talk of weeding corruption while it is the icon of corruption,” he said.

Sharma further claimed that the Congress has a history of dominating its partners and prioritising its own interest rather than that of the coalition.

“This is the history of Congress party, for them, the party interest is first and nation comes afterward,” he claimed.

Sharma also took on Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying that his behaviour is not that of a mature politician, adding that the Gandhi scion is perceived as a “joker”.

“Sometimes he (Rahul) hugs Prime Minister in Parliament, while on the other time he blinks his eyes. Rahul Gandhi is considered as a joker politician,” said Sharma.

Siddaramaiah was caught on camera losing his cool while interacting with a woman in Mysuru earlier on Monday.

In a video, Siddaramaiah could be seen furiously snatching away the mike from the woman’s hand and in the process, her ‘dupatta’ also dropped.

However, the woman with whom Siddaramaiah was caught misbehaving downplayed the entire episode, saying that she had no complaint against the Congress leader.

Siddaramaiah also clarified that the incident was nothing but an “accident”, adding that the woman was “like a sister” to him.