Siddaramaiah likens K’taka election to Mahabharata

Bengaluru (Karnataka): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday compared elections to no less than any war and likened Congress to righteous brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharat, Pandavas, and BJP to Kauravas – Pandavas’ antithesis.

Karnataka is scheduled to go to polls in early part of this year, and in this regard, BJP has already started ‘Parivartana’ rally for election campaigning in the state.

While addressing a press conference here, Siddaramaiah said, “This time elections are no less than any war. In this election, we are like Pandavas, who are walking on the righteous path while BJP is like Kauravas, who are walking on the wrong path.”

“I had said they (BJP) are Hindutva terrorists. I am also a Hindu, but I am a Hindu with humanity, they are Hindus without humanity. That is the difference between me and. (them). This time elections are not being fought between two individuals but it is being fought between two ideologies,” he added.

The incumbent Congress is headed by Siddaramaiah, whose government won 122 seats in the 2013 Assembly elections, defeating the BJP, which managed to win only 40 seats. (ANI)