Sick of political pressure, Waqf Board CEO appeals to relieve him from duty

Hyderabad: Sick to the back teeth of political intervention into his affairs, Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah submitted an application to the government to return his services to his previous department.

According to reliable sources Mohammed Asadullah met Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali and requested to take back his services to Revenue Department and submitted a letter in this connection. Mohammed Mahmood Ali who is also Revenue Minister requested Asadullah to continue his services till alternative arrangements are made.

The move taken by CEO Waqf Board has created disappointment among Waqf Board employees who fear that if Asadullah is relieved from his duties, crisis will prevail in the Board. Asadullah has made remarkable efforts in protection of Waqf properties. It must be noted that Waqf Mafia and political pressure has forced Mohammed Asadullah to take this decision.

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