Sibling Suicide: Friends, locals contributed funds for the funerals

FARIDABAD: Last rites of the four sibling who committed suicide by hanging were performed as per their wishes.

Friends and locals who came to know about their tragic death also come forward and contributed funds for their funerals.

According to Hindustan Times reports, Members of Faridabad Malayalee Association also came forward and helped make arrangements to transport the bodies to the cemetery in Burari.

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Amit Chauhan, classmate of deceased Sanju and a resident of Prahladpur in Delhi said, “Sanju was our friend and it was really shocking to know his four siblings ended their lives. Some of his friends, including me, have contributed for their last rites.”

Investigation so far has revealed that the four siblings were depressed after deaths of parents and therefore committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in Faridabad’s Dayal Bagh colony on Saturday.