Siasat’s remarkable role in success of Shaadi Mubarak Scheme

Release of 109 Cr. within 1 year, for Shaadi Mubarak Scheme introduced by the government is not the achievement of just Minority Welfare Department but voluntary organisations also played important role in its success. After the announcement of the scheme on October 2, government had appealed Siasat Daily to help in promotion of the scheme. On the appeal of government Siasat set up a special Helpline centre where poor families were guided for online submission of forms. Not only this Siasat also bore the charges of scanning and photo copy of all the certificates. Hence Siasat’s active role in successful implementation of Shaadi Mubarak scheme can’t be ignored.

But unfortunately the power point presentation including video and audio prepared by the department has ignored the role of ‘Siasat’. As against this, role of a voluntary organisation of the city has been exaggerated and it was tried to give impression that the scheme was successful due to the efforts of the said organisation.

Siasat’s social and community services are continued for years and Siasat never wished praise or admiration nor it wishes praise from Minority Welfare Department however the way in which the department tried to overlook the services rendered by Siasat has created lot of resentment among the beneficiaries.

Although many voluntary organisations provided guidance to the poor families to avail the scheme however Siasat published free advertisement for a long period to create awareness among public besides publishing several reports. Siasat’s role in providing information and creating awareness is remarkable. Sadly the Minority Welfare Department took help of Siasat for successful implementation of the scheme but when the scheme became successful it didn’t bother to acknowledge Siasat’s services.

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