Siasat’s Islamic Art Gallery opens in Saudi Arabia

In a bid to celebrate artists and their contribution to the undying love for Islamic calligraphy, the Siasat Islamic art Gallery was launched at the Abeer Medical Center, Bawadi, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A fine consonance of artistic and spiritual reflections can create an air imbued with peace and sanctity. Such an ambiance of blessedness is felt when you step into the Siasat Islamic Art Gallery, which offers an exhibition of calligraphic paintings based on Quranic verses and Islamic history. The aim of this endeavor is to spiritually enlighten the oft-seen clinical setting filled with the feelings of pain, anxiety or displeasure, and to motivate the visitors who are mostly patients or bystanders by rendering a positive environment.

The Siasat Islamic Art Gallery was inaugurated by Khaled Almaeena, the literary luminary and Director of Abeer Medical Group.

“The healing power of a piece of art is incredible. When it carries the sense of divinity and entwined with the colors of spirituality, it solaces distress and relieves the minds from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. The comforting feel this artistic and holy ambiance provides at Abeer Medical Center in the noble month of Ramadan is praiseworthy. I appreciate the team effort behind it”, said Khaled Almaeena.

Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing editor of The Siasat Urdu Daily news, Hyderabad, Telangana, India said that he hope the Islamic Art Gallery would be able to revive traditional art forms that have been forgotten. “We have got around 3000 works back home that range from calligraphy to painting and a lot of works are done by women who we support in this field.”

It was the commendable initiative taken by Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor – The Siasat Urdu Daily that helped to source the paintings. On behalf of Abeer Medical Group, Abdul Rahman, Business Development Manager thankfully acknowledged him for his remarkable role.

Dr. Ahmed Alungal, Executive Director of Abeer Medical Group said that Abeer has ever tried to give the highest importance to care-seeker delight. “Treating our visitors with a pleasing ambiance is what we always look forward to”, he added.

“When artistry meets spirituality, healthcare experience becomes pleasant. We will soon come up with more such initiatives in the coming days”, remarked Jaleel Alungal, Unit Head, Abeer Medical Center, Bawadi.

Mir Gazanfar Ali Zaki, Senior Public Relations Officer, Abeer Medical Group and Shiny Applose, Unit Operations Supervisor,Abeer Medical Center, Bawadi were the key organizers of the event.
The Islamic Art Gallery will be open from 9am to 2am from 17th, May to 30th, June, 2018. The entry is open for all nationalities.