Siasat’s exposé foils MIM’s attempt to get NOC from Wakf Board to usurp wakf land in Bhainsa

Hyderabad: The timely exposé of Siasat saved valuable wakf land from going into the hands of political leaders. Abdullah Khan Graveyard wakf land in Bhainsa was being declared as Municipal land and all the preparations were made to usurp this land by producing Hyderabad MP’s recommendation letter for getting NOC from Wakf Board.

According to the scheduled program, NOC could have been issued at 11 a.m. yesterday but Siasat Urdu Daily published a news item that MIM had an eye on this land and the conspiracy was exposed. After the publication of the report in Siasat, the process of releasing NOC was suspended. In this manner, a valuable Wakf land was saved.

Wakf Board has decided to review all the files pertaining to it. According to the scheduled program, MIM leaders approached Chairman of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem. It is reported that during this meeting the news item published in Siasat Urdu Daily was also discussed. Everybody was surprised at this exposure. Realizing the sensitivity of the matter, the chairman referred it to Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui, CEO. It is reported that the MIM leaders abused the officials of Wakf Board in front of CEO for proving the land as graveyard by presenting the wakf records. CEO prohibited the local leaders from talking harshly against the Wakf Board Officials. He said that after reviewing all the relevant files, a decision would be taken.
It may be mentioned that on the graveyard land, 40 shops have been constructed and in order to usurp this land, Municipality has planned to construct a compound wall for which an attempt was being made to get NOC from Wakf Board.

The question now arises that if the land belonged to Municipality where the need to get NOC from Wakf Board is? and the second thing is that why the Municipality thought of spending Rs. 21 lakh for the construction of compound wall?

The officials of Wakf Board desired the MIM leaders to submit relevant documents to prove that Municipality had purchased this land from the holder of the patta. They could not produce any such document. The holder of the patta himself had confessed in the court earlier that this land belonged to graveyard. The interesting thing is that the MIM leader who is eying on this land himself had approached the court in the past to prove that this is a wakf land. The CEO had instructed the officials to provide all the files. He had also said that if need be he would visit Bhainsa to inspect the land. Meanwhile, the publication of the report in Siasat and the failure of getting NOC by the local political party generated a wave of happiness among the Muslims of Bhainsa.

The Muslims of Bhainsa congratulated Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily for the timely alert for the protection of Wakf land. The representatives of various organizations had met Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and apprised him of the conspiracy of the local party to usurp the land.
It is reported that this case would come up for discussion in the meeting of Wakf Board scheduled to be held on 23rd May. It is likely that the local political party might make an effort to convince the Wakf Board in its favour for getting NOC with the support of its members.

–Siasat News