Siasat’s campaign for 12% reservations to Muslims

Hyderabad: Siasat Urdu Daily has expressed its anxiety over the abnormal delay in providing 12% reservations to Muslims in the field of education and employment. It has therefore decided to launch a massive campaign to increase pressure on the Govt. to get this democratic right. For this purpose awareness would be created among the Muslims. Siasat Urdu Daily will start a major movement in collaboration with Muslim Empowerment Movement to ensure 12% reservations to Muslims in education and jobs.


It may be noted that due to the active role of Siasat Urdu Daily, overwhelming enthusiasm was generated among the Muslims which led to the formation of separate Telangana State. During Telangana agitation, the leaders had promised that 12% reservation would be provided to the Muslims but the deplorable reality is that even after the lapse of 15 months no practical steps would be taken. The newly formed Telangana State has a population of 3.5 crore, out of which 12.43% are Muslims. Out of the total population of Telangana State, 85% of the people belong to weaker sections. Mr. KCR had made a promise that Muslims would be provided reservation according to the percentage of their population. He had also promised that following the steps taken by Tamil Nadu Govt. proper legislation would be made but so far no such enactment was made. It seems that this promise has been forgotten.


It may be noted that in 2004, the then Congress Govt. led by Dr. Y.S.R. had issued a notification providing 5% reservation to Muslims but it was struck down by the Supreme Court when a petition was submitted to it in 2007. After this, the former Govt. provided 4% reservation to Muslims which is still in vogue. As per the constitution, the recommendation of BCs Commission is required for providing 12% reservations to Muslims. The then Govt. had not fulfilled this condition.


The present Govt. of Telangana State constituted a committee on 3rd March, 2015 under the stewardship of Mr. G. Sudheer, a retired IAS Officer with instructions to submit its report within 6 months. It is very regrettable that this committee could not its report so far. Moreover, the report of this committee has no legal or constitutional sanctity since courts accept only the recommendations of BCs Commission. On account of these legal complications the issue of 12% reservations to Muslims has been shelved in cold storage.


Govt. of Telangana has issued notification for filling up 1242 posts. Muslims youths have an apprehension that due to the non-fulfillment of legal procedures, they would be deprived of the reservation facilities. In addition to this, Govt. of Telangana proposes to release notification for filling up 1,07,000 vacancies. In such a situation, after waiting for a long time, the Muslim youths are likely to get deprived of the benefits of 12% reservations. It may be noted that in order to ensure 12% reservation to Muslims, it is essential for the Govt. to constitute BCs Commission.


Siasat Urdu Daily appeals to all the Muslim organizations to make representations on their letter pads to the concerned District Collectors, SPs, RDOs, MROs, MPs, MLAs and MLCs demanding the formation of BCs Commission and to forward a copy of their representations to Siasat Urdu Daily in order to get the constitutional right for the Muslims.



–Siasat News