Siasat provides skill-based training to women at slum area of Kishan Gunj

Hyderabad: Siasat Daily has undertaken the task of brining education and economic revolution among Muslims of the country. Siasat Millat Fund along with Faiz-e-Aam Trust identifies areas where Muslims are leading a very miserable life. Then they teach courses and skills to girls and women living in such areas through which they are able to earn livelihood.

Recently a team of Siasat Millat Fund comprising of Khatija Sultana, Ayesha Begum, Atiya Begum and Mohammed Rafi visited Chakla, a slum area of Kishan Gunj, and provided training of bangle making, toy making, artificial flower making, Vaseline, phenyl and perfume making, to poor girls and women, for 10 days consecutively.

250 candidates joined on first day of training, while on second day the 500 candidates joined the training camp. Mujahed Aalam MLA and Tariq Anwer of JR Foundation played key role in making the camp a success. They approached Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan and Managing editor Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan and requested them to provide skill-based training to the women of Chakla which is highly backward area. Chakla is predominated by Muslims and acute poverty prevails in the village. Members of Siasat Millat Fund team were shocked to see the level of poverty faced by the residents of Chakla. MLAs Mujahed Aalam, Kamalul Huda, District Magistrate Pankaj Dikshit and SP Rajiv Mishra also observed the training and expressed happiness. A girl Noori who got training in the camp also presented handicraft items prepared by her to Chief Minister Mr. Nitesh Kumar.

District Magistrate and SP of Kishan Gunj besides other officials and leaders hailed the service provided by Siasat and its editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan.

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