Siasat produces documentary evidence for 2BHK quota for Muslims, local leadership gets panicky

Hyderabad: The basic principle of Journalism should be honesty and truthfulness. If it resorts to publish lies and allegations, it is not journalism but it is called “yellow journalism”. It loses the confidence of the people. The secret of popularity of Siasat Urdu Daily is that whatever news it communicates to its readers, it is based on truth. It also has documentary evidence.

It may be mentioned that CM of TS, Mr. KCR had convened a high-level meeting of the officials of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. The local leadership made an attempt to take its credit. The ally of TRS attended the meeting represented by two brothers.

In the meeting, a decision was taken for the allotment of 2BHK bedrooms for minorities. Siasat made its report based on documentary evidence.

In the said meeting, govt. announced 10% share for minorities in 2BHK scheme for urban areas. The so-called local leaders kept quiet on this decision. They were unaware of the quota of various other sections of society. The Muslims of Hyderabad are laughing at the ignorance of MP and the floor leader of TS Assembly. Siasat quoted the reference of GoMs 12 dated 26th November 2015 in which 12% reservation was provided for minorities in urban areas. Instead of implementing this, 2% quota was reduced. It is very surprising that the two brothers who claim to be the well-wishers of the Muslims are not aware of the welfare schemes for the benefit of the Muslims. How can we expect them to get the allotted share for Muslims? The ally of the ruling party is interested in deriving political benefits by making pleasing notifications. These notifications are nothing but the instruments of pleasing the Muslims. If these “sympathizers of the community” had anything to do with the welfare of the Muslims, they would have asked the CM about his announcement which he made in the Assembly for allocating more than 15% quota for Muslim in 2BHK houses.

With the reduction of 2% allocation, nearly one lakh Muslim youths were deprived of the benefits. In every meeting, an attempt is being made to play with the sentiments of the Muslims by making merely announcements.

–Siasat News