Siasat Millat Fund to bury unclaimed Muslim bodies today

Hyderabad: Siasat Millat Fund is going to perform the burial of 11 unclaimed Muslim bodies after their Namaz-e-Janaza at Darul Shifa Jama Masjid by Maulana Jafar Pasha Hisami. The live can be watched on Siasat’s Facebook (click here) at 1:15 p.m.

So far, Siasat Millat Fund has performed the burial of 5020 bodies.

The initiative was started in 2003 when Siasat Daily’s Editor Zahid Ali Khan received a call from a Muslim police officer who informed him that Muslim bodies are often cremated along with other unclaimed bodies.

This painful disclosure prompted Khan to call up the then Andhra Pradesh DGP and the Commissioner of Police Hyderabad requesting them to hand over the unclaimed Muslim bodies to Siasat Daily for their burial.

YouTube video

The expenses incurred for burying an unclaimed body are between Rs 3500 to Rs. 4000. Siasat Millat Fund performs this noble task with the help of Hyderabadi Muslims inside and outside the country.

The unclaimed Muslim bodies are collected from Osmania General Hospital, Gandhi Hospital, TB Hospital, Second Chance Home Church, Alwal Church, Harishchandra Foundation, Fatima Home, and Budwel Church.

In addition to this noble initiative by Editor of Siasat Daily Zahid Ali Khan, its Managing Editor Zaheeruddin Ali Khan and News Editor Aamir Ali Khan are also playing their contributory roles.