Siasat Millat Fund catering to all community needs

Hyderabad: Siasat Millat Fund under the patronage of Siasat editor Mr Zahid Ali Khan has been helping the Muslims across the country. Siasat Millat Fund is especially playing an important role in reviving the business of the riot-hit Muslims. In fact the power behind Millat Fund is none other than the readers of Siasat daily spread across the globe. They have faith in Siasat Millat Fund and are sure that their donations reach the most deserving.

Relief for Delhi riot victims

Post Delhi riots, Siasat editor Mr Zahid Ali Khan sent Siasat Managing editor Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan to riot-hit areas of Delhi and asked him to assess the life and property loss during the riots. Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan visited riot-hit areas during March 13 to 18 and prepared a report. Based on the report, Siasat Millat Fund began relief work in Delhi. In the first phase an aid of 20 lakh 39 thousand was provided to revive the businesses of riot victims. During his visit, Mr Zaheeruddin Ali Khan identified 53 cases, out of them 8 non-Muslim businessmen were also provided aid.  He was told that 350 shops and business establishments were damaged during the riots.

YouTube video

YouTube video

It must be mentioned here that whenever Muslims of the country were in trouble Siasat sprang into action and reached out to the needy.

Relief for victims of natural disasters

Be it Bhagalpur, Mumbai, Gujarat, Surat, Muzaffarnagar, or Assam riots, or the natural disasters of Latur, Bihar, Kashmir and Gujarat, Siasat Millat Fund was always there to help the victims.

Educational development of the community

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Siasat not only carries out relief work for riot and flood victims, but also provides scholarships to the students of the community aiming for the educational development of the community. It publishes SSC question banks in Urdu and English from which thousands of students benefit. Financial assistance is provided to the outstanding students of the community to pursue higher education.

Funeral rites of unclaimed Muslim bodies

The funeral rites of unclaimed Muslim bodies are also carried out through Siasat Millat fund. This has been done since 2003, before which the unclaimed Muslim bodies were either cremated or put into a pit. Siasat has so far carried out funeral rites of 4670 unclaimed Muslim bodies.

Relief for victims of Muslim genocide

Victims of Muslim genocide were helped at various places of the country and more than 10 Cr were spent for providing them relief kits comprising of medicines, clothes and other essential items.

Relief for kin of mob lynching victims

Siasat has also lent a helping hand to the families of mob lynching victims like Pehlu Khan, Imtiyaz Ansari and Tabrez Ansari.

Zahid Ali Khan thanks Almighty and generous donors

While he prostrates before Almighty Allah for giving him a chance to help the oppressors, Mr Zahid Ali Khan also thanks the philanthropists and charitable persons of the community for generously contributing to Siasat Millat Fund. He claimed that their amanahs are handed over to the deserving people.