Siasat Millat Fund to arrange funeral rite of 4000th unclaimed Muslim body on Monday

Hyderabad: Siasat editor Mr. Zahid Ali Khan began social service of arranging funeral rites of unclaimed Muslim bodies in the year 2003 as he was receiving information that Muslim unclaimed bodies were being set ablaze. These appalling reports that the Muslim unclaimed bodies were being set on fire with non-Muslim bodies made Mr. Khan miserable and he decided to undertake the task of arranging burial of unclaimed Muslim bodies through Siasat Millat fund.

3999 Muslim bodies have been buried so far. The funeral prayer of 4000th Muslim unclaimed body will be performed on Monday, during Zuhr prayer at 1:15 pm, at greatest Islamic seminary of India, Jamia Nizamia. Shaikul Jamia, Hazrat Mufti Khaleel Ahmed will lead the prayer.

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