Siasat arranges burial of unclaimed Muslim bodies

Amer Ali Khan news editor Siasat received requests from Charminar and Kachiguda Police Stations and Alwal Church Home for burial of unclaimed Muslim bodies. The bodies were given bath under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Taqiuddin Head of the Department. Funeral prayer was performed at Osmania hospital.

On the direction of Mr. Zahed Ali Khan, Syed Abdul Mannan, Syed Zahed Husaini, Mohammed Abdul Jaleel and Syed Zubair Hashmi reached the graveyard but surprisingly some people have spread rumours that non-Muslim bodies are being buried in the graveyard. However when they were informed about Siasat’s services with regard to burial of unclaimed Muslim bodies, the people were very much impressed and they themselves cooperated in the virtuous deed.

Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan thanked CEO Waqf Board Mohammed Asadullah and Omer Jaleel IAS Secretary Muslim Minority Welfare for providing land for burial.

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