Siasat advises Muslim youths for better training

Hyderabad: The younger generation of Muslims is falling prey to various conspiracies and waywardness. In order to provide guidance to the younger generation and to take them out of darkness, Muslim scholars have to come forward. On the occasion of last Friday of Ramazan, Muslim scholars should raise their voice in their Friday sermons to be careful in using social media, facebook, youtube and other means of communication.

By spending their free time in trivial activities, they are wasting their precious time. In such a situation, the admonition of Muslim scholars to reform their habits would be useful and the message of last Friday of Ramazan would be effective.

Some of the bad habits of the Muslim youths are developing contacts with unknown persons, to support the wrong causes and to use un-Islamic material. The use of smart phones has accelerated their activities and they are spoiling not only their lives but also ruining the lives of their families.

Siasat Urdu Daily very earnestly appeals to the Imams of Masjids to advise the Muslim youths to be careful in using social media and to avoid falling prey to any conspiracy. Acting up on un-Islamic principles will incur the wrath of Allah (SWT).

—Siasat News