Sia shaved Kate Hudson’s head for film role

Los Angeles: Actress Kate Hudson says her son and singer Sia shaved her hair to prepare her for role in “Sister”.

Hudson, 38, had to clean shave her head for the upcoming musical, which is directed by Sia. But she wasn’t prepared for how it would feel to rock the bold look after filming had finished, reports

“I shaved the whole thing. I did a film with Sia, a musical, and we shaved it off. My little one and Sia took clippers to it. It’s funny because when you’re doing it for a role you don’t really think about it because you’re just ready for it, you’re like ‘let’s do this’ but when it was done, it was like, ‘Oh, my head’s shaved… Oh my God’,” said Hudson.

After the initial shock, the actress learnt to embrace her new hairstyle and admitted she “missed” it because her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa used to rub her shaved head until she fell asleep.

The daughter of veteran actress Goldie Hawn also urged women to take the plunge and try the hairstyle for themselves because it feels “liberating”.

“I honestly think a women in her life at one point just needs to chop it all off, it’s so liberating. People look at you differently,” she said.