Shubhangi Atre celebrates Women’s Day, and it will touch your heart.

Shubhangi Atre apart from being a talented and beautiful actress entertaining in the show, “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain” as Angoori celebrates Women’s Day with the women who don’t know anything about the day. She beautifully addressed them and introduced them about the day. Also gifted them a lot of things. She also urges the government to help them.

“Many women in our villages who work at the lowest rung of the society and also do not have any consciousness of the significance of this day, which attracts massive attention in cities and other urban areas. Females who all earn their bread doing odd jobs — said they “do not know why and when Women’s Day is celebrated.” It has anyway upset me and to bring awareness about the day I made my way to them and had lots of fun with them promoting women rights and awareness,” Shubhangi said in a statement.

Shubhangi Atre also requested the government to help them. She shares, “Several women in many towns and villages in the state remained busy on International Women’s day picking plastic and paper from garbage dumps to earn a modicum of living. The ragpickers said to me they have not heard of anything like Women’s Day or about women’s rights. Shubhangi appealed that the government must do something so that they could get some work.”

She also addressed saying, “Nothing can be achieved if only a limited section of women becomes financially strong. Every woman has to become strong and fight against injustice. Every woman needs to become independent and self-reliant and stressed on their empowerment.”