SHRC receives another petition

Hyderabad, April 30: The number of complaints against the reality dance show, Aata, refuses to cease as another petitioner turned up at the Human Rights Commission office today and for a change he was not affiliated to any social organisation.

Sriram Reddy, a choreographer who has worked in Aata 4 filed a petition against the producer cum director of `Aata’ and `Challenge’, Omkar and his brother and executive producer, Ashwyn.

Sriram accused the brother duo of cheating, harassing the choreographers and not providing healthy working conditions for the participants including the kids.

“Firstly, the choreographers who want to participate in the show were asked to sign a contract for 12 years, so that they do not work anywhere else and get stuck there. If they resist like me, they are ill-treated and sent out.

I was also not paid a single rupee till now even though I choreographed many dances for the show.

When I asked Ashwyn for the payment, he humiliated me,’’ Sriram alleged.

Coming to the child participants, Sriram said: “The kids, sometimes, are made to practise for two months continuously. Many have suffered and are experiencing health problems. Even their studies are getting affected.’’ Sriram shares that there is anything but reality in these shows, as it is all scripted. “Omkar and Ashwyn are not running a dance show, but just doing business.

Though they get good money out of advertisements and sponsors, they hardly pay up. There is no reality in these shows, as the winners and losers are decided according to their convenience,’’ he said.