Show-cause notice by AMU highlights its ‘Talibani’ mentality: BJP MP

Aligarh: BJP leader Satish Gautam on Friday said that the show-cause notice issued by the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to two students for the ‘Tiranga Yatra’ shows their “Talibani” mentality.

“Their mentality is like the Taliban, they are running the AMU like that only, their thinking is like them. There is no philosophy to teach, their thinking, ideals are vile and I condemn it,” the BJP MP from Aligarh told ANI.

“Notice issued for hoisting the national flag shows their mentality. Whereas no notice was issued when some students raised anti-India slogans after the hanging of Afzal Guru, took out a march and read namaz prayers.

When terrorist Burhan Wani was killed by the Army, then also they read namaz. This reflects their mentality, which is to only issue notices to Hindu students and spoil the university’s environment,” Gautam added.
He further said that Proctor Mohammed Mohsin Khan was working with a narrow mind. He also demanded the withdrawal of the notice and an apology.

Commenting on the reported attacks on some students last night following the recent ‘Tiranga Yatra’ developments, Gautam said: “I will get these people jailed if they attack again. These things are happening because the proctor is not on their side. They (AMU) are creating an environment of fear; some students are told they will be expelled, others are told their future will be destroyed. They hoist Pakistan flags. Will the Indian flag not be waived?”

Earlier today, Gautam wrote a letter to Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, appealing to question the AMU’s mentality behind the show-cause notice and if an event aimed at promoting patriotism is unreasonable.

The AMU on Wednesday had issued a show-cause notice to two of its student leaders regarding ‘Tiranga Yatra’ on bikes inside the campus, saying that it had given no permission to carry out the Yatra. The AMU has made it mandatory to seek official permission for processions.

The varsity’s proctor Khan on Thursday clarified that the notice was not for holding the ‘Tiranga Yatra’. He said that the students had sought permission for the rally, which was denied as any mass gathering on the campus would have disturbed the studies, and that the notice was issued when they took out rally without permission.