Shot was fired in attack on Umar Khalid: Police

Almost after a couple of weeks when JNU student Umar Khalid was attacked outside the Constitution Club, police said that a bullet was fired from the pistol recovered from the spot. The casing was found in the muzzle of the firearm is indicative that the shot was fired, DCP Manishi Chandra said.

The police said that the empty shell casing, which is released from a pistol after it is fired, got stuck in the muzzle, suggesting that a shot was fired. Though Police are yet to ascertain whether the shot was fired in the air or when the pistol fell on the ground.

Khalid in his statement had said that the accused had pointed the pistol at him but then opened fire in the air.

Naveen Dalal, the main accused, told police that he did not open fire but a shot may have been fired when the pistol fell on the ground. He said he was carrying the pistol for his safety.