Shortage of ‘Sewiyan’ enhances prices in Ramadan, handmade ‘Sewiyan’ more in demand

Hyderabad: During the last days of Ramadan, people start buying ‘Sewiyan’ (Vermicelli). In Hyderabad city, handmade ‘Sewiyan’ gain more importance since most of the families use them. This domestic industry is getting extinct. Due to the shortage of handmade ‘Sewiyan’ the prices have gone up to Rs. 350 per kg. The wholesale traders complain that they are not getting the handmade ‘Sewiyan’ in large quantities whereas the producers of these ‘Sewiyan’ grumble that they are not getting the workers.

It is a fact the workers working in this industry do not get any other job during the remaining months which makes their lives miserable.

Govt. should support these workers which is the only way to save this industry.

–Siasat News