Short hair changes Katy Perry’s view on make-up

Los Angeles: Singer Katy Perry says short hair has changed her outlook on make-up as she feels it leaves nothing to hide behind.

Perry, who has launched two make-up collections with cosmetics company CoverGirl, is now moving onto her third, complete with cat-themed eye shadow, false lashes and baby blue lip gloss, reports

“I love make-up’s power to transform and empower,” she said.

The 33-year-old singer went through a transformation herself last year, when she chopped her hair into a short platinum pixie cut. It was a change that has inspired her to have a new outlook on her make-up routine.

“The short hair obviously really puts your face at the forefront — there’s nothing to hide behind! I focus on clean, beautiful skin, and then a statement eye or a statement lip,” Perry said.