Shops close at 10 PM, but dance continues till morning

Semi-naked young girls are dancing and they are twisting various parts of their bodies in such a way that they are human bodies but statue made of rubber. Youngsters are pouncing on these girls in semi-conscious status crying like wild animals. Their elders are smiling standing nearby as if their wards are performing some proud deed. The sound of DJ sound system is getting increased. Joined in this group are some eunuchs also. The atmosphere is festive. Nothing is heard in loud musical notes.
Dance continues, currency notes are being showered on the half-naked bodies of the dancing girls. Suddenly, there is a call from the nearby mosque for Morning Prayer. Despite this, these so-called Muslim youths don’t pay need to this call from the mosque. Their looks are fixed on the twisting waists of the young dancing girls and also on their feet which are hopping like frogs. The dance party continues till morning. Any gentleman who has a little bit fear of Allah and His Messenger can’t imagine this scene. The tragedy is that such scenes are being considered essential parts of marriage parties. Till very recent, in Hyderabad, Ghazal programmes used to be arranged with great difficulty. Later, Ghazal programmes were replaced by orchestra. The situation has worsened so mush that there is no one to stop the DJ sound system and the dancing girls. In our city such festivities start after 10PM only, although the Supreme Court has in its ruling clearly said that after 10 PM any kind of dance or songs are strictly prohibited at publics places because it creates sound pollution. At the same time, it causes pain to elderly persons and patients suffering from various ailments. Such parties have become essential items for Sanchak, Mehendi and other functions. By arranging such functions, they are pleasing only the Satan.

On investigation, it is revealed that there are some agents who have with them such dancing girls like medicines are stocked in Medical shops. Poor and beautiful girls are hired by these agents for one night by paying them Rs.700 to Rs.800. The girls who were reluctant to perform publicly, have become bold seeing the income of one day. They slowly grow shameless and resort to shameful activities later. These agents have formed their entertainment groups. Waiters and other employees working in marriage halls are vexed up with such hectic activities as they have to keep themselves awake throughout the nights or till these festivities finished. These workers revealed that for dancing on DJ sound system, very young girls are engaged. The local police knows all about it but they keep their eyes shut. There are some god-fearing persons who boycott such parties. Their responsibility of boycotting such programmes should not cease there. They should approach the police officers and try to stop such shameful acts by just dialing phone number 100.

The most surprising thing is that, all the shops are being closed down by the police by force at 10PM, but these dancers are allowed to continue their dance programmes till dawn.

Sources say that if information is passed on to local police, the hosts can manage them by paying some money. It should, therefore, be reported to police control room on phone number 100.

The organizers of such sinful programme should know that when evil spreads on the surface of the Earth it engulfs the entire area or society. Those who boycott such programme also can’t escape the wrath of Allah. Quran has ordered to stop such gatherings. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has instructed us to keep our gaze lowered but the tragedy is we violate all such preaching. We are being humiliated in this world.

We are superseding to please Satan by resorting to such unlawful activities. We are causing nuisance to our neighbours by doing so. Our marriage functions don’t exhibit even a glimpse of our Islamic values. By our shameless deeds, even the non-Muslims seem to be vexed up. One such incident came to limelight in Chandulal Baradari area. A marriage procession was passing through the area in juvial mood, laughing, dancing and exploding the crackers. Suddenly the Rakhshak vehicle of the police came there and asked the processoinist to stop the sound of band. When the police office harshly told them to stop the noises since it is already 11 O’clock, the father of bridegroom, very shamelessly approached the police officer with a smiling face and told him that the marriage procession is proceeding to the Bride’s house. On hearing these words, the police officer was wonderstruck. Such is the situation of our wedding ceremonies. Perhaps, we think that when we are in merry mood, how can other have sound sleep in their houses.

You may imagine the scene when young girls are dancing amidst males.

According to the revealed sources, it was known that in addition to the fixed fees of Rs. 10,000/- for one night, thousands of rupees are showered on these dancing girls. It was also known that after dancing programmes are finished, these girls are used for other shameless activities also.

There is a need for all of us that we should come forward not only individually but cumulatively to stop such shameless festivities in their respective localities but also in the entire towns and cities, otherwise this evil might invite the wrath of Allah from which no one can escape.