How to shop for handbags online

New Delhi: With the trend of online shopping gaining strength, there are a lot of deals which are found online on almost all brands no matter how expensive or cheap. Although there are a lot of limitations while shopping for handbags online.

Sharing tips on how to shop for the bags that you like, Aarti Mehta, lead designer at bag brand Mohawk, says: “Style is important but a handbag also has to be comfortable and practical”.

*Size and weight: Every online handbag shopping site mentions all the specifications about a product. Look out for its size and weight carefully. If you generally carry a lot of stuff in your bag, then look for a big spacious bag. Avoid picking heavy bags as they tend to strain your shoulders.

* Handles and straps: Since you are buying online, you cannot easily judge how comfortable it would be. So, pay extra attention on its straps and handles. It should be easy to hold or carry over blazers or jackets. Style is important but a handbag also has to be comfortable and practical.

* Care and maintenance: When you will look for branded ladies handbags online in India, do pay consideration to the maintenance and cleaning part too.

See what are the care instructions and would it be easy for you to maintain its original sheen or not. It is even better to know about the guarantee on offer to take care of any manufacturing defect.

* Spotting fake designer bags: There are many cheap replicas of designer bags available on online stores. To spot them and save yourself from spending on a fake, know as much as you can about your favourite brand including little detailing, logo, zippers, stitching and fabric.

If the price is too good to be true, then the probability of it being a fake is much higher. Designer bags also come.