Shocking: Video of casteist teacher thrashing student epitomises everything wrong with India

Mangalore: Video footage of a teacher thrashing a student who has a fractured arm has gone viral on social media.

A complaint in this regard was lodged at Vittal police station on Wednesday by Dalit Seva Samiti leader Sheshappa with police saying that the incident had occurred a few days back. Sheshappa called for stringent action against Somasundara Shastri, the Veda teacher who is seen beating and abusing the boy.

The footage, shot on mobile phone, shows the teacher beating the boy while asking him whether he was a ‘Brahmin’ or a ‘Kshatriya’. The complainant said the boy was reportedly punished for some mischief in class. A copy of the complaint has also been sent to the Women and Children’s Welfare department while police said they have sought more details from the complainant.