Shocking Video: 70-YO retired policeman brutally beaten to death

Allahabad: A disturbing incident of a retired senior Policeman in UP brutally beaten to death using sticks in broad daylight by three men have surfaced on Monday.

The brutal assault was caught on CCTV cameras which shows three unknown men brutally beating the 70-year-old Abdul Samad Khan until he lay motionless, bleeding on the street with people silently watching the assault, NDTV reported.

Mr Khan a retired sub-inspector can be seen riding a bicycle when he is suddenly shocked by an assault made by a man from behind in a red shirt.

The assault came in so hard that he fell onto the ground.

He makes attempts to shield himself but the man doesn’t stop his attacks.

Though people passing by the crime scene watch silent none of them comes to help the senior citizen.

Soon after two more men join the assault and Mr Khan stops resisting the beating.

The three men then leave Mr Khan bleeding in critical condition before someone took him to the hospital.

According to the Police of the attackers is a notorious criminal with a prison record.

Though Mr Khan was later taken to hospital he could not be saved.

The main attacker behind the crime is believed to be a man named Junaid who has at least 10 criminal cases lodged against him.

According to the retired policeman’s brother, Abdul Wahid, the main accused is a land-grabber and wanted to occupy a piece of land owned by his brother. “Many in our locality have complained to the police about him in the past but there has been no action. He continues to threaten people in the area and act with impunity,” Mr Wahid said.

The Allahabad police have now initiated initial investigations into the alleged property dispute with relatives.

The Police has lodged an FIR against ten people but so far no arrests have been made.