Shocking! Newborn rescued from drain

Geeta, a Chennai resident was alerted early morning by a milkman about a sound coming from a nearby stormwater drain in Valasaravakkam. First, she thought it was a kitten, but when she decided to take a look and see what was stuck in the drain, she saw completely shocked to see a newborn.

A newborn with the umbilical cord which was still intact and wrapped around the neck was stuck in the drain. She knelt down and tugged at the newborn’s foot with gentle force and pulled out safely, she took it out from the drain and gently removed the cord as not to hurt the baby’s neck.

She gave a thorough washing to the newborn to remove the dirt before taking him to Chennai’s Egmore Hospital. According to doctors the baby is doing fine now and is in a good state.

She said, “I am naming him Suthanthiram (freedom) since we found him on Independence Day. I am glad he got his freedom to live.” People from around the city and country have congratulated her for her intervention.

People are now enquiring about the baby and many have shown interest in adopting him.