Shocking! Man reportedly leaves pregnant wife & family over PUBG addiction

KUALA LUMPUR: PUBG addiction has become a sort of rage with online gamers all around the world. The addiction to this game has become more concerning as we get to see youngsters spending hours and hours on mobile phones playing this game.

There have been several cases of PUBG addiction across the globe which have been reported but this incident has gone too far! A Malaysian man walked out on his four-month-pregnant wife and their child due to his addiction to the PUBG, according to a report.

His PUBG addiction led to frequent fights between the couple after the man started developing an addiction for the game. The man was reportedly staying up all night in order to play PUBG and was also neglecting the responsibilities towards the family.

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He probably wanted to play the game without any interruption so he walked out of his house one day and never returned. He reportedly left his wife after he was “disturbed” by his family from completing his daily PUBG quota.

In a Facebook post made by the man’s wife, she wrote that “It has been a month since he has left us. We are now left with no choice but to support ourselves through any hardship that may come. Before he started playing PUBG, his personality was much more tolerable. However, the situation gradually grew worse from when he first started playing the game four years ago.”

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