Shocking: Dalit family beaten for accidentally touching Brahmin’s hands

Caste System is still in the roots of India. Nearly 80 years after Dr B R Ambedkar wrote Annihilation of Caste, the “complex system” of social division pervades the nation.

Back to the days the Dalits are always a victim of Upper caste violence. In yet another incident of caste descrimination a family of a dalit was beaten with sticks and kicked just because one of the family members accidentally touched the hands of a Brahmin man.

According to TOI reports, the incident was reported in the remote village of Kyuri village of Pinhat area in Agra on Friday afternoon, when a Valmiki family was engaged in a marriage ceremony.

Vineeta’s younger son Sonu had gone to a sweet shop owned by ‘Anil Sharma’ a Brahmin by caste. Duruing the payment for the sweets, Sonu accidently touched the hand of Sharma.

Sharma got infuriated over touching his hand and thrashed Sonu mercilessly.

“When Sonu returned home with bruises, to question about his brutuaity, I along with group of women went to sweet shop to protest against the cruelty on mere touching the hand. Later, Anil along with some few more men came to our house and attacked us with wooden sticks. They didn’t spare even a pregnant women, who had come to attend marriage ceremony,” she claimed. “They kicked her womb after which our family members took her to hospital,” she alleged.

As per block in-charge of the area, Sugreev Singh Chauhan said, “I was attending a meeting with Bah MLA Raja Mahendra Aridaman Singh, when I got a distress call of Brahmin men attacking a family of Valmiki’s. I immediately rushed to the spot and brought them to MLA.”