Shocking: Caregiver sells toddler; mother gets her back after several months in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A young single mother whose two-and-a-half years old child had been sold off by her caregiver, got back custody of her daughter on Tuesday after several months.

According to the News Minute, 25-year-old woman had left her toddler in the care of Narender and Lalitha in December 2017, after she found it difficult to take care of the child while preparing for her MBA ICET exams. Narender is a compounder at the People’s Hospital in Kukatpally his wife was a staff at a daycare. The woman paid the couple a sum of Rs 8,000 per month for taking care of the toddler at their house through an oral agreement. While preparing for her exams, the woman often visited her daughter whenever she could at Narender’s house. However, when she visited Narender’s house, after finishing her exams in August 2018, to collect the kid, she didn’t find her toddler inside the house and Narender simply claimed he didn’t recognise her. The couple also assaulted Shravani in front of their neighbours. Narender also threatened to file false cases against her. It was learnt that Narender sold off the kid to a childless couple.

Mother finally filed a complaint with the Kukatpally police, but her pleads to take action against the offenders were brushed aside after the police received a few calls from local leaders. The mother ran from pillar to post with her complaint. Disappointed by police apathy, the woman moved to the High Court and filed a petition on January 8, 2019.

The mother was also attacked by the goons. They also took away all the photographs of her toddler and also the memory card from her phone. Creating fake ID cards and Aadhaar card of the child, the traffickers tried to disprove the identity of the child in the court.

Child Welfare Committee (CWC) traced the two-year-old at Satyanarayana’s house and handed over the protection of the child to Sishu Vihar. Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice T Amarnath Goud on April 2 ordered Shishu Vihar to return the toddler to the mother’s custody.