Shocking! Another 20 students from Hyderabad deported at Chicago airport

Another 20 students from Telangana heading towards US varsities stopped at Chicago airport by the immigration officials on Sunday and are being sent back to India.

According to reports the students were heading to the Chicago Universities after securing admission through consultants in Hyderabad.

It is to be noted that because of immigration problem that arose last week, nearly 100 students were deported who were heading towards US varsities.

Students from Telugu states are facing problems at immigration as they lack basic skills to answer the queries by officials after landing in the US.Few students failed to answer the queries at immigration particularly on the part-time jobs.

Recently, the External Affairs Ministry issued a notice to aspiring US students to postpone their travel until the issue is resolved.
However, the students didn’t take the government’s warning seriously and went ahead with their travel plans.

A FBI report recently cautioned the government against the huge number of Indian students entering the US as they are not coming for studies, but only to do part-time jobs that resulted in a stricter immigration scrutiny.

According to Sakshi Post, Telugu Association of North America (TANA) representatives are trying to resolve the students immigration problems in the US.

TANA has asked the students to contact them at for any help with immigration. Students can also learn about their safe movement while in the US at