Shocker: This mother wanted to sell her daughter’s virginity for £18,000

Shocker: This mother wanted to sell her daughter’s virginity for £18,000

A Russian woman was arrested by an undercover cop for attempting to sell her friend’s underage daughter’s virginity to one of the highest bidders.

The Russian woman identified as Alina Kukanova was found guilty and sentenced to 3.5 years for trying to sell her friend’s underaged daughter aged around 13 years to a wealthy Emirati for one night, DC reported.

But what has shocked us was the woman was asked to do by none other than the girl’s own mother Irina Gladkikh, who hails from Chelyabinsk city in western Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region who asked her friends help in searching for buyers online.

According to a news reported in MailOnline, this ‘major deal’ was almost done with a wealthy Emirati agreeing to pay £18,000 for a single night with the teen but the deal fell through since Alina found a better buyer in Moscow who was working as an under cover cop.

What turns out is as the Police noticed attempts to sell the minor’s virginity online decided to intercept.

The undercover cop then arranged a meeting with the Alina and managed to give her fake currency of the decided deal before arresting her.

The teenage girl was taken to a hospital to be checked over before being handed over to relatives.