Shocker: This Islamic nation wants to ban ‘Niqaab’ for woman

Shocker: This Islamic nation wants to ban ‘Niqaab’ for woman

Now ‘Niqaab’ or full-face veils for the Muslim women will be banned in public places as the new bill proposes to prohibit niqaab, local media sources reported yesterday.

Deputy chairman of the Egyptian parliament’s foreign affairs Committee Ghada Agami has put forth the proposed bill in the House of representatives which proposes the ban of full-face veils in public places.

Stating that full-face veils “has become a source of sedition in Egyptian society in recent years,” she said should be banned and any women who violate the law should be slapped with a fine of EGP1,000 ($55.81) as a punishment for violation of the same.

She added the punishment should be doubled for women repeating the violation.
Agami told that since there is “ an increasing number of terrorist attacks carried out by individuals under the Niqab covered,” the bill should soon come into effect.

“It [the bill] aims to change the moderate character of Islam in Egypt and reflects the extremist ideology of Salafist conservatives’ movements,” she said.

Following un-Islamic nations footsteps, she said: “France has also had the same ban since 2010 after it had determined that it is necessary from a security standpoint and for protecting society from divisions,” and women “can wear the Niqab inside their homes, but citizens must reveal their faces in public places and official institution.”

Her earlier proposed bill enforcing citizens living abroad to transfer $200 to support the Egyptian economy was rejected by the General Union of Egyptian Abroad.

She had also proposed to increase the transfer fees of the Egyptian bodies returning home to be buried.

She had also proposed the “birth-control and family planning” bill, which mandated families subsidies shall be revoked if they have more than 3 children.