3 years of Courtship, husband gives wife merciless death within 6 months of marriage

Kumram Bheem Asifabad: Stopping her newly wedded husband from having an illicit affair claimed the life of a young woman, police said.

The incident is reported from Jainoor Mandal’s Bhusimetta village where the husband mercilessly murdered his newly wedded wife for preventing him from having an illicit affair with another woman.

The accused identified as Marsakola Madhav, his brother Dattu and friend Durva Nagorao and the victim identified as Athram Gangasari, hailed from the Bhusimetta village.

It was during the interrogation the accused confessed to his crime. He said he choked his wife to death and later burned her body on March 30, with the help of Dattu and Nagorao. The accused had courted the victim for 3 years yet gave her such a horrible death.

He said he took the extreme step as she has been stopping him from having an illegal relationship with another girl for the past six months.

The accused initially tried to cover up his crime by informing her parents that she had gone missing and a missing complaint was filed accordingly by the parents.

The investigating officials were informed of the burning of woods but to their shock, they uncovered skull and bones of the girl.

The Police has now filed a murder case under section 302 of IPC against the accused and his two accomplices.