Shocked by mother-in-law’s death ‘bahu’ ends life

Kolhapur: Unable to bear the death of her ailing mother-in-law, a woman allegedly committed suicide, here on Saturday, an official said.

The incident occurred in the Apte Nagar residential locality, sending shockwaves among residents.

According to police official Irfan Gadkari of Juna Rajwada Police Station, early Saturday a 70-year-old woman Malti M. Lokhande died after a prolonged battle with cancer.

On hearing about her death, 49-year-old daughter-in-law Shubhangi S. Lokhande went to the balcony of their third floor flat and jumped to death.

According to family members and local residents, she reportedly could not bear the shock of losing her mother-in-law, but Gadkari said the motive behind her death was being investigated.

“The bodies have been sent for autopsy to the Kolhapur CPR Hospital. We have registered accidental death report in both cases. The police are also questioning the family members, neighbours and others,” Gadkari said.