Shock for masses if Ram Temple is not built under Modi-Yogi rule: Uma Bharti

Bhopal: Keeping the issue to Ram temple alive, Union minister Uma Bharti on Sunday said people would be shocked if Ram Temple is not built, despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi ruling at the centre and Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh.

Bharti is quoted to have said, “When Modiji is the prime minister and Yogiji is the chief minister (of UP), and even then if no way is found for the construction of the Ram temple, then the masses will be surprised as to why were we unable to find a way for (building ) the Ram temple. It will be a shock to the people.”

Bharti claimed the BJP rose from just two Lok Sabha seats (in 1984) to 84 seats in 2014 just because of the temple movement which gained momentum in 1989. She said people have high hopes with Modi as the prime minister and Yogi as the UP chief minister.

The Union minister of drinking water and sanitation sought an amicable way for the Ram temple be it an Act or an Ordinance.

Rebuffing the claims of “waning” Modi wave in the country, she said, the Modi magic is still going on.