Shoaib Akhtar asks for ‘no dancing and crooning’ clause in his show

New Delhi: He might be fierce on the field, but grooving onstage gives Shoaib Akhtar jitters, hence, he insisted on adding a ‘no dancing and crooning’ clause to his contract for ‘Mazaak Mazaak Mein.’

According to the Deccan Chronicles, a source from the sets said, “He may have been fierce on the field as a cricketer, but shaking a leg on stage gives him jitters. Since it’s a reality show, he thought that the makers might ask him to sing or dance on stage to up the entertainment quotient. So he included the clause to ensure that it doesn’t happen at all.”

Reportedly, the makers of the newly-launched comedy show are conceding to his demands.

This show will also have Harbhajan Singh next to Akhtar on the judge’s seat.