Shoaib Akhtar announces ‘Comeback’ to cricket, Shoaib Malik & Wasim Akram reacts

The 43-year-old former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar who played all formats of the game over a fourteen-year career has announced that he will be making a comeback on February 14.

In a video message posted on his official Twitter account, Shoaib Akhtar stated that “Today’s kids believe that they know a lot (about cricket) and they can challenge my bowling speed as well. So, kids, I am coming back to play and I will show you what speed really is, I too will play league (cricket) so beware.”

Interestingly, the fourth edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is starting from February 14 and fans are speculating that he has joined one of the six PSL teams in some capacity.

Shoaib Malik and Wasim Akram replied to his video message.

He is recognised as one of the fastest bowlers in the history of cricket, delivering an officially recorded top speed of 161.3 km/h in a pool match against England during the 2003 Cricket World Cup.

He retired from international cricket after the 2011 World Cup, and since then he has been associated with cricket as a commentator and an expert. He took 178 and 247 Test and One-day International (ODI) wickets respectively. He took 19 Twenty20 International (T20I) wickets as well.

He was nicknamed “Rawalpindi Express” & “Tiger”, as a tribute to his hometown and fast bowling. He is also the first bowler to break the 100 mph barrier, doing so twice in his career.