Shiv Sena defends J&K HC on beef ban implementation

Shiv Sena today defended the directive of Jammu and Kashmir High Court on implementing a ban on the sale of beef in the state, saying it was based on “public sentiments”.

It deplored Kashmiri separatists for giving a strike call tomorrow of the High Court’s directive.

“Decisions are taken by the court based on public sentiments. Each government wants that public sentiments should not be hurt,” president of Shiv Sena Ashok Gupta said.

He noted that the Hindu religion gives high importance to cow, not only because it is a source of milk but because it is considered as a sacred animal by the community.

“Killing a cow is like killing a mother for Hindus and how can Hindus tolerate slaughter of the cow,” he asked.

He said that in every state of the country where BJP is in power, a strict ban on the sale of beef has been imposed but it was unfortunate that the same ban was being defied in a state where BJP is part of the ruling alliance.

As per the law in Jammu and Kashmir, the slaughter of a bovine animal carries a stiff punishment in which there is no provision of bail and anyone convicted of selling or possessing beef faces a jail term and fine of five times the cost of the slaughtered animal, he claimed.

Gupta said it was high time for the BJP to decide whether it wants to be a part of the government that has “shown its anti-Jammu and anti-Hindu approach or take a stand and think about the people who voted for the party and gave 25 seats to the BJP.”

Organisations like Jamaat-e-Islami and separatist Hurriyat Conference yesterday reacted angrily as the Jammu and Kashmir High Court directed the police to ensure that there is no sale of beef in the state and that strict action is taken against those who violate the law.

Hardline Hurriyat Conference and JKLF also gave a call for a shutdown in Kashmir on Saturday.