Shiv Sena condemns Maharashtra Minister Girish Mahajan’s remark over liquor sale

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena on Monday condemned Maharashtra Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan’s derogatory remark against women saying alcohol brands should be named after fairer sex.

In its mouthpiece Saamana, the party said, “In a lot of places in Maharashtra, women are protesting against the sale of liquor.

Even after being aware of it, Maharashtra Minister Mahajan’s remark is very unfortunate”. It added that on the one hand, the state government launches campaigns to curb the consumption of liquor and on the other it suggests to use the names of women for selling alcohol. “Bihar Government last year completely banned the sale of liquor.

Despite of disputes between Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the latter supported the initiative. But in Maharashtra, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) own minister is giving suggestions on how to increase the sale of alcohol,” the article read.

Earlier on Sunday, Mahajan scored himself trouble over a derogatory remark against women, after he said, “If you want alcohol or any product’s demand to rise, name it after a woman and see how the demand soars.”

He made the statement while attending an event organised by a sugar factory, which also produces liquor under the brand name ‘Maharaja’.

The minister has drawn flak from all quarters for his disparaging remarks. “The way the minister had made the remark makes me believe that he had consumed four bottles of maharaja (liquor) in the night,” Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Nawab Malik told ANI.

He added that women should come out on the streets to fight this mindset.

“I think the minister is a habitual drinker and we appeal all the women in Maharashtra to come out and fight this kind of a mindset,” Malik said.