Shias seek apology from SRK for an objectionable scene and demand its removal from “Raees”

Mumbai: Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan’s most publicized movie, “Raees” which is likely to be released next year is running into trouble as a group of Shia activists made a complaint to the police against the Producer and Director of the film that it contains some ‘objectionable’ scenes.

This group has also represented the matter to PM and the Board of Censor highlighting their objections that the film contains religious beliefs with hurt their sentiments.

The Shia leader pointed out that in a scene in the movie, Shah Rukh Khan jumped over a Muharram procession which was carrying “Alame Mubarak”. Shia community considers this as desecration to their religious beliefs.

Haider of Ghzipur village in its complaint mentioned that the actor insulted “Alame Mubarak” by jumping over it. Haider demanded an apology from the actor and his team. They threatened that if this scene is not deleted, a massive nationwide protest would be launched against the film.

According to the news published in India Today, another Shia leader, Kamran Haider of Okhla said, “We cannot tolerate anyone disrespecting our holy master, a master who not only sacrificed his life, but also led a miserable life with his family to keep Islam alive. Shah Rukh Khan and the director should know that his family was very underprivileged”.