Sher Ka Bachcha Hai Toh Studio Ke Bahar Aao: Dr Zakir Naik to Arnab Goswami

New Delhi: Dr Zakir Naik who was online via Skype from Medina in Saudi Arabia to address the media had a lengthy interaction with them on Friday.

Accusing Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami in specific for making false allegations against him, Dr. Naik called him as a ‘chooha’ (mouse), and issued an open challenged to Goswami to come out and have a debate with him.

Studio ke andar chooha bhi sher banta hai, sher ka bachcha hai to bahar aao!” (inside a studio, even a mouse feels like a lion, if you’re a lion cub, step out!),” said Naik to Arnab.

Dr Naik hit out at Arnab for terming him a terrorist “Listen what Arnab Goswami says. He said anyone who supports terrorist is also a terrorist. Does he know there are millions of people watching my channel? I have million of followers across the world. All these people, according to Arnab Goswami, are terrorist. I want know how big is you prison,” said Naik in the press conference.

“I challenge Arnab Goswami to come on neutral platform rather than holding an agenda-driven debates,” said Zakir Naik.