Sheila Dikshit toes party line over allegations against Modi

New delhi: In the eye of the storm after her comments on “Sahara Diaries” appeared weakening Congress’ ​attack on Narendra Modi over graft, Sheila Dikshit tonight toed the party line saying the onus is on the Prime Minister to come out clean on the charges.

“I have said what I had to. The ball is in the court of the @PMOIndia & others now. Will he respond and come out clean? #SaharaBirlaDiaries (sic),” Dikshit tweeted tonight.

Her clarification came amid increasing unease in the Congress after she questioned the veracity of the “Sahara Diaries” based on which Rahul Gandhi had accused Modi of taking money from corporate houses when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The former Delhi Chief Minister’s name purportedly figures in the list that the Congress put out in a tweet two days back as proof of its allegations against PM Modi.

Yesterday, Dikshit vehemently denied any wrongdoings as she said “It is all hearsay. There is not an iota of truth in the allegations. I totally reject these allegations.”

Dikshit, who is the Congress party’s chief ministerial candidate for the Uttar Pradesh elections, also said the Supreme Court had already made observations on the diaries, comments which appeared at variance with the party line in targeting Modi.

The BJP had also said the Supreme Court found no merit in the allegations.