Sheila Dikshit takes ill again, cuts short UP campaign

Lucknow: Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who is also the Congress’s presumptive chief ministerial candidate in Uttar Pradesh, fell ill on Saturday during the ’27 Saal, UP Behaal’ campaign and had to cut short her trip.

Accompanied by senior leaders the septuagenarian Dikshit was in Kushinagar when she started feeling uneasy, a party leader told IANS.

She was scheduled to address a rally of supporters and party workers here but she could not.

Dikshit was slated to go to Maharajganj also but she cut short her trip. Leaders accompanying her refused to comment on her health but said she was “feeling better” now and that exhaustion and humidity had troubled the Congress leader during the show.

Sheila Dikshit had fallen ill earlier on July 24, at the start of the campaign. In western UP she fell ill after travelling in an air-conditioned bus from Delhi and cut short her trip from Amrohi. Other party leaders took the campaign ahead in her absence as she went back to her Delhi home.