Shehzad Poonawalla knocks NCM for banning Bajrang Dal

New Delhi: Renouwend Social Activist Shehzad Poonawalla today petitioned National Commission for Minorities (NCM) againt a video of Bajrang Dal goons in Bulandshahr’s Khurja in Uttar Pradesh mercilessly thrashing a Muslim couple because they felt both were ‘dirtying’ Hindu neighbourhood has surfaced.

In the video, the goons are seen mercilessly thrashing the man and the woman.

He said the video is extremely reprehensible and offensive set of actions violative of various sections of the Indian Penal Code,1860 made by Members of Bajrang Dal in Uttar Pradesh.

Upon learning that the man in question was a Muslim, one armed youth lost his temper and unleashed brutal attack on the victim leaving him bleeding.

The attackers did not spare the woman either. The woman was thrashed with heavy stick as she pleaded for mercy.

The SHO at Khurja Police station confirmed to Janta Ka Reporter that at least three arrested goons belonged to Bajrang Dal. The district convenor of Bajrang Dal is also involved as per evidence.

He writes that “this is a communal trend that is rising in the country and shows the emboldenment of the right wing forces that are undermining rule of law. We have recently seen the lynching of Akhlaq in Dadri over a beef rumour, killing of two people in Latehar (Jharkhand) , killing of a young Muslim in Gujarat by cow vigilantes, assault on four Dalits in Una (Gujarat), custodial murder of Minhaz Ansari in Jharkhand, lynching of Zahid and Noman by cow vigilantes in north India and many more cases.

I had taken up the case of Bajrang Dal goons thrashing a Muslim man in Mangalore too he added.

While giving references of the published news in India Today

and Times of India

He said, the evidence clearly shows it is an assault on the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India under Article 14,19,21 and 25. It is incompatible with the secular ideal enshrined in the Constitution and imbibed in the polity of our diverse, plural and multi-cultural society. Can we imagine an India where Muslims and Hindus cannot even accompany or live with each other?

The above said actions of the Bajrang Dal Members are in flagrant violation of section 153A, 295(A), 298,504, 505 (1) (b) and (c), 505 (2) of IPC 1860 . In addition to this the reports shows clear cut use of criminal intimidation, wrong confinement, force, assault and causing hurt, rioting, array, which is also violative of various sections of the Indian Penal Code namely sections 340, 350,351, 323,324,325, 141, 146,etc The said offences are Cognizable and Non-Bailable.

Several brazen attacks involving groups such as the Bajrang Dal, Sri Rama Sene, Hindu Jagarana Vedike, close to certain political parties have been reported in the coastal towns of Mangalore, Udupi, Honnavar, Bhatkal and Karwar over the past decade.

Poonawalla plea

a) Direct the registration of an FIR in the instant case against all the errant Bajrang Dal members and 20 accused for violation of various sections of IPC,1860 and direct immediate penal action against all of them. Till now only few (five) people arrested.

b) NCM should monitor the probe to ensure its carried out in a free , fair and impartial manner and direct the state government and police to act decisively against such terror groups.

c) Central government and Ministry of Home Affairs must take cognisance of such communal incidents being done by certain elements particularly Bajrang Dal to create social disharmony in the county and should impose a nationwide ban on this group as it spreads terror just like Al Qaeda.