Sheena murder gets murkier, Indrani, driver, ex-hubby quizzed

More murky details emerged in the sensational Sheena Bora murder case that became curiouser and curiouser as former STAR CEO Peter Mukherjea today went back on his claims admitting that Sheena had told him that she was not his wife Indrani’s sister.

In another twist, Indrani had ascribed the parentage of Sheena to her parents but her father disputed it.

On a day when fresh information surfaced, police believed that it was a cold-blooded murder as Mumbai’s top cop Rakesh Maria grilled Indrani, her driver and step son Rahul Mukherjea while her son Mikhail was questioned in Guwahati and her former husband in Kolkata.

However, the motive behind the murder remained a mystery even as the driver S P Rai and Sanjeev Khanna, a former husband of Indrani Mukherjea, are believed to have told police that Indrani, wife of former Star CEO Peter Mukherjea, had done a recce of the place where the body was to be dumped a day before the murder on April 24, 2012.

Mukherjea, who yesterday claimed that he knew Sheena only as his wife’s sister, today detracted, saying Sheena had told him some time back that she was Indrani’s daughter.

When he confonted Indrani with what Sheena had told him, she dubbed it as “utter rubbish”, he told a news channel.

He also claimed that Indrani had shown him an e-mail in which Sheena had purportedly stated that she want to end love affair with Rahul, Mukherjea’s son from an earlier marriage.

Indrani’s father Upendra Kumar Bora disputed his daughter’s claim that murdered Sheena Bora was his daughter.

“Sheena is not my daughter. I am her grandfather,” said 80-year-old Bora, whose name was said to have been given by Indrani as father in the birth certificate of Sheena, who was born in February, 1989.

Khanna, who had divorced Indrani, is believed to have told the Mumbai police in Kolkata that he was in the car in which Sheena was allegedly strangulated but claimed to have slept during the cirme in which he had no role.

This apparently contradicted the arrested driver’s claim before police that Indrani and Khanna had strangulated Sheena in the car after giving her a spiked drink in a hotel room in Mumbai.

Then the body was taken to Pen in Raigad taluk where it was burnt with petrol. Khanna had reportedly come to Mumbai on April 23, 2012, a day before the murder and took a flight back to Kolkata on April 25, according to police sources.

In a murder in which intriguing relationships have come to surface with Indrani claiming Sheena as her sister, television channels showed the purported birth certificate of the victim.