Sheena married diamond merchant in US, Indrani told Vidhie

Mumbai: Vidhie Mukerjea, daughter of Indrani and Peter Mukerjea, has told CBI that when she tried to contact Sheena Bora after her disappearance in April 2012, she received a reply but from a new email id in Sheena’s name.

This may bolster CBI’s case that after murdering Sheena in April 2012 and disposing of her body, Indrani, her mother, used to send emails or text messages in her name.

Vidhie, whose statement was recorded by CBI after it took over the case, also says that whenever she asked Indrani about Sheena’s whereabouts, Indrani used to get angry.

Indrani told her that Sheena had married a diamond merchant in USA, according to Vidhie.

“The police informed my father (Peter) and me that Sheena Bora was murdered on April 24, 2012 and a murder case has been registered against my mother (Indrani), driver Shyam Rai and my biological father Sanjeev Khanna. I contacted Sanjeev Khanna and asked him about the murder and his involvement in the said crime. He took it very casually and said ‘ha ha’ and disconnected the call,” Vidhie says in the statement.

“In 2009, Sheena started living with us in Mumbai. Then she was introduced to me as my mother’s sister. At the same time, I came to know that Sheena and Rahul (Peter’s son from earlier marriage) were having an affair. Due to this, Peter and Indrani used to quarrel a lot. My mother dislikes Rahul,” Vidhie told CBI.

“During 2009-2010, I came to know that Sheena was my mother’s daughter as communicated by Rahul to my father Peter. I enquired with my mother and she shouted saying Rahul is lying as he wants his father Peter to divorce her,” Vidhi says.