SHE team apprehended a youth for blackmailing a girl

Hyderabad: A victim approached “SHE Teams” with a complaint that a known respondent was blackmailing her for one year. He had taken her phone and downloaded all the data, pictures, phone contacts from her phone and is contacting all her friends and parents.

Based on the complaint, the SHE Teams personnel apprehended the accused and caused inquiry. On inquiry, the respondent disclosed his identity as Tejavarth Mahesh, 21 yrs, Occ. Student Near Temple Bus Stand KPHB Phase III Cyberabad, Telangana.

The respondent’s accepted his guilt and is liable for punishment U/s.70 (C) of CP Act. He is being produced in the Hon’ble Court.

As per the instructions of the Asst. Commissioner of Police, She Teams, a team went for task atHimayat Nagar Road, Chaitanya Jr. College for observation. Meanwhile, on physical surveillance at about 5:30 PM, the She Team found two persons coming from the backside of the Charitanya Jr. College girls. They were using abusive language and showing vulgar gestures to girls. The She Team captured the act of the misbehavior. The respondents were caught red-handed with evidence. An inquiry was made and they were brought to the She Teams office and produced before the Asst. Commissioner of Police. The respondent admitted his guilt and disclosed their names as Mohd Sajjad 17 yrs r/o Himayathnagar, John Melcam 21 yrs, Occ. Student, r/o.Datta Nagar, Himayatnagar,

The respondents admitted their guilt and apologized for the mistake they committed and requested to be let off. They have given an undertaking letter that they will not repeat such mistake again. Hence they were warned, counseled and let off. (NSS)