Shawn Mendes gives ‘shaking’ performance at Log Angeles concert amid earthquake tremors

Washington: It wasn’t the electrifying performance of Canadian singer Shawn Mendes that shook the audience at Staples Center. The viewers were stunned as they got to know that a 7.1 magnitude earthquake had hit in Ridgecrest, California.

According to Billboard, before the concert, when the lights were set to dim and the audience was buzzing in anticipation, the whole building began to sway back and forth menacingly, including the screen backdrop and huge rose dangling from the ceiling. Fortunately, no harm was caused and everyone was safe.

Later, seeing the excitement of the audience, it was decided that the show must go on.

The two middle-school-aged girls sitting nearby the stage were more concerned for the singer. “What if he died? He’s too beautiful to die!”

Soon the audience was back in action and had forgotten everything when they saw the stage crew managing the settings of the stage again. The crazy fans of the singer were filled with excitement again when they spotted a dramatic entry of Mendes on ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ song.

As the first few chords of ‘Lost in Japan’ rang out, the audience were seen shouting and screaming for their favourite singer.

Pausing after he sang ‘Nervous,’ Mendes confirmed that he wanted as much participation from the crowd as possible. “I have to say this doesn’t happen every night, but my heart is racing right now, Los Angeles,” Mendes said.

“As I was going into creating a concert, I was thinking about what makes a show great and it’s you guys. So sing along to everything, let’s go!” He then jumped right in from of the stage and started crooning his most loved track ‘Stitches.’

After the song ended, Mendes made his way over to a candlelit piano and sang a new version of his new single ‘Senorita’ with Camila Cabello. He just gave a taste of the first verse and chorus before transitioning into his other song with Cabello, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer.’

The audience grew excited as they thought that Cabello might pop out suddenly to complete the duet song, but nothing of that sort happened.

Running towards a small circular stage in the middle of the crowd, the singer sang a medley.

With just the singer and the piano playing in the background, the milieu turned into an intimate one. “I can’t put all my favourite songs on the set list so be patient with me,” the singer explained as he launched into a medley of ‘Because I Had You,’ ‘A Little Too Much,’ ‘Patience’ and ‘Life of the Party.’